Excellence program
The idea
People with potential strive for the best solutions. They successfully implement change processes every day.
They take on challenges and rise to the occasion. For these processes to be a success, managers need to work
with partners on an equal footing and in a safe environment. Our Excellence Programme makes it possible to
exchange experiences with partners from other companies at eye level. The Group Coaching enables a targeted
dialogue with managers, moderated by an experienced coach.
The concept
The coaching takes place over the course of a year either on five full days or ten half days. During this time,
the participants are able to work through their job-related issues and desires in a secure and trusting environment.
In a controlled process with six to eight managers moderated by a professional coach, everybody offers their individual
abilities to develop new courses of action and solutions for themselves and others.
The opportunities
The group coaching offers all participants the opportunity to analyse how they perceive themselves and how they
are perceived by others, to tap into all available resources to bring about change, to become aware of and reflect
on their own role, as well as to analyse concrete job situations with the goal of developing model solutions.
"The discussions really helped me in my everyday working life. I hope that I also managed to successfully
share my experiences for the good of the group." Head of Controlling, Company, Subsidiary
"These coaching measures surpassed everything I had experienced before, particularly the open exchange
of ideas in the group and with the coach." Manager, medium-sized financial service provider
The most popular topics
Every participant brings his own issues to the group, giving a personal dimension to the topics being discussed.
Popular topics from past seminars:
• Responsibility and competence
• Individual management style
• Individual personality development
• Leadership of employees
• Pressure to achieve financial success
• Integration in the leadership team
• Striking a balance between career and family
• Getting to grips with one’s role as manager
• The first impression
• Social skills
• Feedback- and corporate culture
• Conflicts in everyday situations
• Implementing change processes
• Delegating,prioritising
Our services
• Ten fixed sessions of four hours or five full-day sessions over the space of approx. 12 months
• An individual, three-hour coaching discussion with the respective coach
• Next available dates: please ask
If you are interested in registering, please get in contact with us.